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Christoph von Weyhe

opening Saturday, March 17, 2 - 5 pm

March 20 – extended until May 18



Mike Bouchet

opens: May 25, 2018


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Julien Bismuth


Images 1 and 2:

Dead Air Comedy, 2010

Installation view at the exhibition "Solace", Austrian Cultural Forum, New York, Feb 2010


Image 3:

Dead Air Comedy, 2010

DVD, 46 min

Video still


The intention of “Dead Air” is to work with the sort of comedic banter that is prevalent in talk shows, comedy club, sit-coms, and even everyday life: a composite form of chatter, assembled from the flotsam and jetsam of popular culture which self-perpetrates itself in a thin yet resonant stream of jokes and voices. Don was asked to compose and improvise a series of monologues, inspired by stand-up comedy routines, and to perform them in the empty theater of the ACF, letting the silence of the absent audience amplify the tragi-comic vacuity of his solitary performance, and of the genre from which it stems.


Image 4 and 5:

Ecart/ retard (split/ delay), La Ferme du Buisson 2009


This piece deals with the idea of representation, specifically theatrical representation, as a split or delayed re-enactement of lived experience. The actress (Emma Monin) delivers a monologue to the audience, in which she addresses and questions the theatrical form, and representation in a more general sense, while simultaneously describing scripted movements performed by actresses in the audience. These movements (movements of distraction, boredom, itching, etc...) are all but invisible, until the actress describes them. The work was first filmed, then performed live on the night of the opening. The resulting exhibition preserved this series of splits and delays, so that on the ground floor, the empty set (a table and a chair) used in the performance was kept, while upstairs, the video installation showed a filmed version of the performance, played only with the actress, and the sixteen other performers who were disseminated within the actual audience on the night of the performance.


images 6 and 7:

Plouf! in collaboration with Jean Pascal Flavien, Tate Modern London (UK)

Video still


On 26 July, 2006, two boats met somewhere off the coast of Rio de Janeiro, near the Ilhas Cagarras. A sailing ship, party of Rio, accommodated the public and Flavien and Bismuth were held in a smaller boat, party of the beach of Copacabana, which left one hour later. The moment the two boats were within range to communicate marked the beginning of the performance. Reading texts punctuated by signs and signals, the performance was completed only when the two boats drifted too far apart. Plouf! was then re-invented on Feb 21st, 2009 in the context of the river Thames, outside Tate Modern.


Watch video on:


image 8 and 9:

Les Continents incontinents, Galerie Georges-Philippe & Nathalie Vallois, Paris, France, 2009



The title of his new exhibition, “Les Continents incontinents,” suggests that all kinds of overflowing are in store, involving both ideas and objects.

The show is articulated around a very simple idea: to make the hanging of the works – usually one of the hidden sides of the gallery’s activity – the main theme of the exhibition.

The show is divided up into two phases and two spaces. The work – drawings, sketches, paintings – will be presented in the entrance to the gallery, while the main room will remain empty until the moment of the opening: 7 pm on March 11.

Five handlers will then install and manipulate a series of pieces in a precisely choreographed series of mute, expressive actions that will gradually reveal the works. These works are modular, foldable and transformable; they spread out, fold, retract, at times bringing to mind the Bichos by Lygia Clark.

The second moment of the exhibition will come on 19 March at 7 pm, a week later, during a performance. A monologue, “Incontinent Continents,” will be declaimed by a single actor sitting on a pedestal specially designed for the occasion.

The structure of his text has the same folds and cuts as the different formal elements gathered in the exhibition, constituting an aural illustration, a clarification and an articulation of the two phases of the exhibitions. We have come full circle.

(Press Release, Galerie Vallois, Paris)


images 10,11 and 12:

"/", Kunsthalle project space wien, Jan 2009



For his performance, titled „ / “, Julien Bismuth is presenting a piece that follows from his recent projects, including the performance „ L comme litote“, shown at the Institut d’Art Contemporain in Lyon in December 2008. „ / “ is structured around a series of interrupted gestures. The four participants (the artist and three actors) interact through a sequence of actions, punctuated by a monologue, repeated three times, with variations produced by changes in the text, and its articulation. The artist participates in the action, but less as an actor than as an object: the repeatedly collapsed and collapsing object of both the speech and actions of the performers. Both the actions and the text are constructed around a single figure, that of the artist for the actions, and that of an unnamed protagonist for the monologue. In addition, a series of drawings by Bismuth will also be presented: sketches of objects, props, and actions that he has accumulated over the years, in what has become both an archive of the work and of its evolution, as well as the wellspring from which his work continues to be generated.