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Hannah Levy

"Live in yours, play in ours"

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September 25 - October 25, 2015


Julien Bismuth
Mike Bouchet
Isabelle Fein
Zoi Gaitanidou
Sayre Gomez
Marcus Gundling
Thilo Heinzmann
Richard Jackson
Hannah Levy
Joep van Liefland
Olaf Metzel
Martin Neumaier
Jonas Weichsel
Christoph von Weyhe
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Next art fair participation: NADA MIAMI BEACH, December 3-5, 2015




Exhibition views: Hannah Levy "Live in yours, play in ours"


Press release


A silicone safety chain strung throughout the space, held up by cast Venus Embrace razor holders—meters of pink bodily rope, pinched, stuck, and contorted by holders made for female clientele designed to mimic female anatomy—ties together a body of seven new works. These throbbing croissants, hairy poles, and masturbatory earbuds, traffic in a kind of confused erotics, poking fun at the grotesque experience that is having a body.


There is a stark punctuality in Levy’s use of materials, a slickness and play with space alongside a fling with branded body products: shiny metal tubing, silicone, and plastic, on the one hand, coupled with sand and hair, on the other, produce an undercurrent to the work that wants to simultaneously cleanse you and get you dirty. Marked by the artist’s synthesized contemporary understanding of self care, Levy’s lewd leanings, sterile fantasies, and comically hairy bikini lines craft a playfulness that provokes while it instructs.

Levy's new work comes to grips with its sexual inclinations, its desires, its wants and needs, its fetishes, how it wants it, and when, and from whom, and with whom, and where, and for how long.